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Welcome to INTES..
Web based Online Production Monitoring System for Textile Industries..

The Key to a profitable and successful weaving industry is the management of the industry to ensure it is achieving maximum efficiency. Currently the efficiency is managed through the appointment of capable Weaving Shed Managers, and the gathering of production information for post operations analysis.

The fact that analysis of performance is done post production means that issues are only highlighted after the event, and the only benefit of such analysis is to identify areas where these issues can be avoided in future by making changes to procedures.

The burden of ensuring that the industry runs at optimum efficiency is placed on the Weaving Shed Manager who must constantly physically monitor the weaving shed by walking loom to loom. The Weaving Shed manager's responsibilities also include scheduling of work and managing pre and post production of material.

INTES MONITORING SYSTEM (IMS) is a Web based Production Monitoring System for Textile Industries that record production and stoppage information in real-time.IMS is designed to collect data automatically and display the data on Machine for Operators as well as on Server for Management.

IMS connects to and continuously monitors the status of Machines and delivers real-time key performance metrics instantly enterprise wide.Through a Graphical User Interface (GUI), IMS users are constantly informed about the actual situation in the weaving shed resulting in faster reactions to problems and an increased efficiency.

IMS's Powerful analysis tools allow quick identification of poor performing machines and bottlenecks in planning, resulting in an optimal usage of production capacities.It also offers the planning department an interactive tool allowing them to optimise loom loading based on real time information.

With the help of IMS, the management will be able to monitor both the workers and machine performance and raw materials quality.These are just a few of the benefits IMS offers;

  • Improved overall productivity, efficiency and quality with timely hands-off data capture and analysis of both machine and process performance data.
  • Elimination of unnecessary downtime as production and maintenance issues are identified before they become a problem.
  • User friendly Web / LAN based, Mobile / Tablet compatible Software.
  • Integrated information of all Machines at one Place.
  • User friendly Data Collection Device with Keypad & LCD for easy Operations.
  • Identify the real reasons for Machine stoppages at real-time.
  • Provision to enter stop reasons at Data Collection Device.
  • Graphical Dashboard for important parameters.
  • Real-time Monitoring and Comparison of Machines.
  • Performance Pie Chart to identify weak areas.
  • Hour / Shift / Day wise Production Comparison.
  • Instant alerts for Breakages,Beam Fall,Roll-Doff,etc.
  • Hourly Break analysis and Efficiency Graphs.
  • Production Planning and Order status Reports.
  • Roll Doff Alerts & Reports.
  • Automatic / Manual Employee allocations and planning.
  • Less Maintenance.
  • ERP Interface
  • SMS Alerts

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